floating through abyss, I have a name.

i am

there was a haze of something, that wasn’t nothing.

this is matter

it was instant and intensely brilliant.

sparkler in the void

you are now here, too.


you are not alone.

tresarius system

the silent static roared within the void.


a sound of color burst in the distance, and then I was far away.

the pulse

surrounded by warmth, I have a spirit.

what I am

the precession through this new world is bountiful.


this feels important, but there is a lack of understanding.

river of the fates

voices roared in, around, above and below

the three flames

a light appeared, small and warming.

the red dwarf

it grew until it warmed the dust around it.

the blue dwarf

all the color in this universe materialized before me.

birth of the bifröst

take a drink, a voice says.


there were no limits.


a cataclysm, of energy formed inside.

inside the giant, part i

until it could no longer be contained.

inside the giant, part ii

this will be a place for all my favorite things.

in the sky with diamonds

I reached out and could feel the roughness.

birth of a planet

this will be worth of losing sight.


the division of creation.


engulfed by creation, I have a form.

where i am

emerging from Abyss, creation was born.

dawn of the creation

the gateway to Abyss.

the waiting room

the darkest depth belonged to them,

the night

and is named night.

keeper of the night

darkness came forth,

the dark

and reigned over the depths of black.

ruler of darkness

creation was theirs to harness,

the life

as they were no longer bound by loneliness.

creator of worlds

aeons younger than myself, they stared quizzically. I discovered I was not alone.

the inquisition

between us and creation, they were the veil.

heaven’s debut

they entered into creation, bringing with them the concept of love,

when love arrived

and they used it to conquer worlds.

commander of love

suddenly, there was something that wasn’t darkness,

the light

everything they touched, illuminated.

envoy of illumination

they mischievously blinked with curiosity,

the coyote

and formed into god that has not one name, not one face.

the god of many names

the commander of love, intoxicated me with their gift.

lover’s knot

selene forsake her vows.

the betrayer

the tree that feeds the worlds began to decay.

yggdrasil’s decay

tartarus bound the decay, hoping to contain the spread.

the binding

the threshold was built strong,

gates of tartarus

the disease disrupted harmony by manifesting greed and gain


virally expanding with no end to consumption,


causing wrath to fill creation,


transforming love into unnatural desire,


festering within creation to covet the Abyss,


infecting creation with apathy,


the disease formed Ego.

the morning star

and creation began to fall.


to purge, tartarus release the disease from containment

tartarus opens

and with it, chaos.

chaos entered creation

from the disease, a new immortal formed.

a new primordial

they feasted on our worlds… growing stronger

the womb

their disciple turned creation against itself… and against us.


his name was War. and creation fell under him.

war’s dominion

the first intervened, creating blood.

first blood

and drowned worlds with it.


in sacrifice, the first being created time.

the wounds of karma

outside of time, Death continued it’s rampage.

a greeting from Death

selene’s blood birthed those that lived outside of the loop.

selene’s guilt

patiently waiting for Karma to end,

kali’s keep

so that they could purge creation.

azrael at the gates

writing the fate of every atom to come,

the moirai

preparing the path to the new universe,

following hecate

waiting to devour the disease.


life is protected by Karma, separated from Abyss.

the gift

creation will remain untouched, separated from Abyss, until the blood rite rescinds.

the laws

he was bound, to the souls he found, as he guarded the river he was creation’s caregiver.


her army of the valkyries, cleanse the field of disease, as she carefully chose, who she reaped and who she sowed.


silent, was he, who was born from the misery, he stopped War from his final crime, he was the immortal known as Time.


the kings and queens within creation, faced their impending damnation, this queen fell to her knees, but whispered curses at this disease.


he embalmed the heart of creation, as his last attempt to fight, the impending decimation.


she grabbed her king’s hand, as his blood hit the land, raising the dead, drenched in red


they would become a token, for all those that were broken, not knowing their identity, Time is suffer, for this entity.


as creation faced it’s bitter end, he came to aid, as man’s best friend.


leaving Eros’ side, she entered the stars, to be creation’s guide.


I curse the damned who created this War, you will suffer in this infinite loop, to even the score.’


He was the beginning and this was his end. Rest in peace, creation’s dear friend.


a broken heart disguised behind a face, so pretty. a shattered soul waiting to be renewed, so appealing. lost somewhere in translation, I’ll be waiting there, for you.

the goodbye

I was the sun. She was the moon. He was the war, I was the peace. I was the disaster. She was the beauty. He was the sorrow. I was the happiness. We were death. They were life.

the obituary